Kirsty Abbott

Kirsty is a coastal girl , with a back ground In Hairdressing Which has taken her to overseas travels enjoys paddle boarding , surfing ,dancing , anything outdoors.
Pilates has been apart of her life for over 10 years bringing a happy balanced life . Enjoys the journey of making people feel and look good and achieving there goals.
Has been teaching for 3 years and loves every aspect of pilates always looking for new exciting things and challenges .
Skills are .
Reformer .
Post - natal
Swiss ball

Kirsty Abbott instructs the following:
  • Reformer
  • Core focused class that strengthens the entire body. We’ll challenge all the elements of Pilates including balance, flexibility and core strength. Modifications always offered to help you get the most out of every exercise.

    Suitable for all levels however for complete beginners we recommend starting with Beginners Reformer

  • Beginner Reformer
  • Our instructor will guide you through fundamental Pilates core building exercises and help you build a stronger foundation for long-term health. Essential Pilates will target the deep postural muscles and build strength from the inside out. This class will help you to develop core stability, bring balance to the body, support good postural, and build healthy bones.
    Recommended for beginners and those with injuries prenatal and postnatal women

  • Circuit Pilates
  • Circuit Pilates a session combining all forms of Pilates including Reformer, Mat, Cardio Tramp and Studio Equipment. Space for 10 participants and includes a stretch session at the end.