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What Our Clients Are Saying



I have been coming to Fit 4 Life for 3 months now and have been telling anyone who’ll listen about how great it is.


Prior to joining, I was a member at another large Pilates chain and despite that, I feel like I’m doing Pilates for the first time.  The location is great (made better by living only a block away) and the instructors are all fantastic!  All are a little different to one another, so you have lots of choice.  The general vibe of the studio is warm and friendly.  If you want to make friends you can, but you don’t feel you have to.


While all those things are great, there are a couple of standouts for me:


  • All the instructors mix up their routines so you don’t get bored (not something that happened at my previous studio)
  • They get to know you over time so know how hard to push you (meaning I work harder)
  • The classes are small enough that you get attention and the instructors correct you which is fundamental to good Pilates


I go regularly 3 times a week which is the perfect balance for me and I have really noticed the difference in my strength and tone in just my first 3 months.

Kim & Shannen

Fit for Life Pilates was one of mum’s best kept secrets… for two days!!

Now two years in at this amazing studio it has been one of the best decisions both of us have made. Despite a 28-year age gap we have achieved life changing health and body benefits. It has been awesome to go to classes together and we have made many new friends.

Fit for Life is challenging and we both come out feeling rewarded and rejuvenated. The instructors cater to our every need and always give us modified exercises to best suit our body and ability. It’s a great place to have an hour to you in such a busy world and we would recommend it to anyone… no matter his or her age.

Great work Sarah and the team.


I've been coming to Fit 4 Life Pilates for just over a year. After having had a baby a few months before, I had been seeing a chiropractor for my back. I had also had hip surgery 8 years prior so had pelvic weakness, and was generally feeling the consequences of doing no exercise. My Chiro recommended I do Pilates.

Living so close to Fit For Life Pilates I knew there was no excuse. I came along to a mat class (which I had done a few years prior) and really enjoyed it. The instructor was so welcoming and clearly knew her stuff. By the end of the class I felt I'd known her ages! I noticed the reformer beds, not knowing what they were - the instructor suggested I come along to her Reformer class the following day......By the end of the week I was a studio member!

I'd always hated exercise - probably because I was so bad at it (being weak, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy) I used to have a personal trainer to motivate me, but to do that any more than once a week was just too expensive. The unique thing about reformer is that it is accessible regardless of ability. I found myself wanting to go back every night, and being so close to my house with the ability to book online it was just so convenient. My husband would race home from work so that I could get to the 6.30pm classes. I was hooked.

A year on, I'm shocked at how I have stuck with it. I never dread going. In fact I get cranky if I can't go. It's my release - and it's my "me" time. At the end of a long day with a toddler it's the perfect way to let off some steam.

As well as changing my life, it has really changed my body. I'm no longer stiff and weak. For the first time ever, I'm strong, toned and flexible. And every week I get stronger. It has helped with weight loss too.

There are many reasons why I enjoy it. The studio itself - it's small, close knit, with friendly instructors and a variety of people in class. Unlike gyms, there's no arrogance or competitiveness, just a sense of belonging to a little community. Everyone usually likes to push themselves, but we will usually have a laugh in the process. I've made a great number of friendships out of it.

The classroom environment works well for me. It motivates. And every instructor is different. It's hard to get bored as there are endless exercises and every week you seem to learn a new one.

It's the right level of challenge. As with mat classes, you have the option to do a beginner, intermediate or advanced version of each movement. Also, the beds have adjustable springs so if you're having an off day, you can just lighten the load. The instructors are always monitoring you too, and can modify any exercise if you have an injury or if it just doesn't feel right.

There's a notion that Pilates is all about core strength and abs - which is true to an extent - but the beauty of reformer is that you work on upper body strength and lower body strength too. It targets specific muscle groups. It's great for anyone training for a race or any other sport.

Id say to anyone considering giving it a go to come along. I guarantee it will be nothing like any other exercise you've done before, and it might just change your life too!


After being injured for some time I was looking for some kind of exercise which would help me to rebuild my muscles while starting on an easy level. I tried a couple of things before I found Fit4Life Pilates which turned out to be exactly what I needed.
The trainers who are very dedicated and helpful are putting a lot of effort into their sessions to make them challenging for everyone. I was able to recover and started running again (which btw helped me to lose some weight) and I am really hooked up to Pilates now.
I think there is nothing better out there to improve your strength and help you get a more flexible body. Thank you !!!

Jacinta (8 months pregnant) 

I've been doing Pilates with Sarah and her team pretty much since I moved to Sydney from the UK over 5 years ago. I found that wherever I was in terms of ability there was always a class that suited me, or when I was a bit out of practice, I could still have a great work out.
I credit Sarah and team 100% for helping me remain fit, healthy and strong physically throughout my pregnancy so much so that I not only had no aches or pains during pregnancy, but I was able to get back in shape afterwards. Most importantly though it's really great fun, and I really miss my classes if I can't make it. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone!


Pilates has changed my life! Three years ago I came to Fit 4 Life after I’d done a simple roof repair job. I was stiff and sore and found Pilates quickly limbered me up
From that day I’ve never had a sore back, Pilates has given me back 20 years. I can keep up with young guys at work!
Then I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had surgery. My pilates conditioning meant I had a super fast recovery and I avoided the horrible complications that can come.
I visit other pilates studios near work, but the one constant in my life is a weekly visit to Fit4Life.
Just do it!


After about 40 years of trying every gym class from Jane Fonda’s aerobics through to Body Attack & Body Pump classes I have finally found a form of exercise that I just love & my body loves too,

I started Pilates with Sarah even before she opened her current fabulous studio in Rozelle. I was constantly in pain with knee, ankle & shoulder problems until I found Fit4life Pilates. The small size classes allow the expert instructors to monitor each one of us & modify exercises for any niggling problems or injuries.

I am no longer in constant pain after exercising & I love the longer leaner muscle tone I have achieved with Pilates. Every class is a great workout & loads of fun & I have made so many lovely friendships at Fit4life.

I’ve honestly never been to a gym or studio that has such a friendly community atmosphere as Fit4life & combined with the great instructors I can’t recommend it enough.
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